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Nestled in the rolling hills of north central Ohio, prospective log home buyers will find a log home manufacturer that is known for transforming dreams into reality. In fact, Hochstetler Milling has been manufacturing some of the finest log homes – and fulfilling many dreams - since 1986. At Hochstetler, you can choose among Hochstetler’s 45 existing plans or work with the company’s in-house design professionals to modify any existing plan or design your very own custom log home.

Levi Hochstetler founded Hochstetler Milling to make the look and warmth of a classic log home affordable to those dreaming of the log home lifestyle. And at Hochstetler, the company has masterfully blended “affordability” with traditional fine craftsmanship – the Amish trademark for generations. In fact, Hochstetler Milling uses only the finest quality materials, mills every log from the “heartwood” or “core” of the tree, and never substitutes conventional lumber for authentic timbers.

So how do we do this? Hochstetler Milling uses the latest, most efficient milling equipment and operations to reduce labor and processing costs. And when buying from Hochstetler Milling, you are buying “mill direct,” thereby eliminating the middleman and related costs.

Now with the second generation joining the company, Hochstetler Milling is poised to continue fulfilling the dream of a quality, affordable log home lifestyle to hundreds – if not thousands – of satisfied homeowners throughout Ohio, the Midwest, and even around the world.

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We believe in the conservation of our natural resources and utilization of nature's bounty to the fullest.

Our mill is dedicated to the restocking of trees, selective harvesting, and sound plantation practices. We carefully plan the cutting and milling of each timber so that the "heartwood" is used for logs and beams and the outer "shell" is used for siding and tongue-and-groove material. Planer shavings are used for livestock bedding.

In this way, we are utilizing 100% of each timber - and through our conservation efforts, providing a marketable resource for our children.